Media Skill Lab

The Media Skill research lab hosts student-led collaborations. The lab employs a wide-range of cutting-edge, empirical approaches to understand how aspects of our digitally-mediated environment enable, constrain, and alter strategic decision-making surrounding our media use. If you are a UCSB student and are eager to get started now read below.

Let's do research...

I am always looking to collaborate with motivated undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in learning how to conduct experimental research. Bonus points if you already know you are interested in studying one or more of the following areas: memory, cognition, metacognition, strategic decision-making, digitally-mediated behavior, artificial intelligence. As an undergraduate, you will attend weekly project meetings and help with various aspects of the research process such as literature reviews, research design, data collection, and some data analysis. As a graduate student, you will work with me to develop a research idea and lead data collection. 

If you are interested in conducting research with me, then e-mail me at with an explanation of why you want to work together and your CV. I prioritize students who have taken courses in statistics and who are considering research as a career. All are welcome.