Coming Soon

I am developing a Media Skill Research Lab that will use experimental approaches to understand how aspects of our digitally-mediated environment enable, constrain, and alter strategic decision-making surrounding our media use. I expect to formalize this research group by Fall 2021. If you are a UCSB student and are eager to get started now read below.

Let's do research...

I am currently expanding my research in three inter-related areas: strategic encoding (which cognitive strategy should I use?), metacognition (am I monitoring my environment appropriately so I can make accurate decisions?), and technological bias (which aspects of media enhance or constrain my ability to monitor my environment?). If you are a graduate or undergraduate student at UCSB, I have projects at various stages that I would love to collaborate on: projects that are one study deep, projects that have only a study design, and projects that are only at the brainstorm stage. These projects ask questions like: How does searching for answers online influence my memory for those answers later? How does the nature of the cues I generate to search influence the strategies I use to recall that information later? I am newly interested in trying to understand how artificial intelligence (like adaptive text completion) influence memory and decision-making. If you want to be an expert in more than one of the following areas, let’s chat: memory, cognition, metacognition, strategic decision-making, digitally-mediated behavior, artificial intelligence, experimental methods. I am particularly interested in working with students who come from diverse backgrounds and who will ask research questions that apply obviously to issues of inequalities in use. All are welcome.